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Interview with the Legend

  We, members of Everton FC Brazil, proudly present this amazing interview for you. After some conversations, we got an exclusive interview with the great Neville Southall. Southall is regarded as Everton’s greatest goalkeeper and he’s the player with more apps for the Toffees (741, between 1981 and 1998). Neville and his agent, John, were really caring about us so, once again, we want to say ‘thank you’ for both. We had 14 questions, some of them made by the members of the blog and a few ones made by the ones who interacted with us via Facebook and Twitter. So, no more delays, here are the questions:

Neville says "hi" to all Brazilian Evertonians

1 – Which one of the titles you won with Everton was the most remarkable?

Neville - That's easy: 1985, the club's first English title since 1969/70.

2 – What was the best Everton team you’ve been into?

Neville - Again, 1985, a team that had everything, passion, steel and skill.

3 – Who’s the best player you’ve ever played with?

NevilleTrevor Steven, a part of that side, what he did in a training, he did in a match, a wonderful player.

4 – What’s the most important save (or the hardest one) you did for The Toffees?

NevilleI don't have a favourite, I always focused on being better in every game than the one before, and making better saves than the ones before.

5 – How do you see, today, that European ban taken by Everton in 1985? How much that prejudiced the 
club and how the players of that squad received that? 

NevilleThe squad were gutted. We would, in my opinion have gone onto to rule Europe for 4 or 5 years. The ban on teams from England stopped us from achieving that. The authorities are responsible for that for holding the Juventus v Liverpool game in a stadium (Heysel) that was wholly unsuitable. No club should hold any responsibility for the ban.

6 – What are your expectations for this season?

NevilleA Champions League spot at worst, but a top 3 is what a club like Everton should always aim for. We need to aim for stars

7 - What are your thoughts about Roberto Martinez? Do you think Everton have already got Martinez’s style?

NevilleNo, that will take time. By the end of January the players should be adapting to his style and by next summer we should be ready to make a very strong challenge.

8 – Do you think Everton board has been changing their minds about the club? I mean, with Martinez’s arrival, Everton gained more confidence and ambition. Has it also affected the board?

NevilleThe club need to think more globally, you fans in Brasil and other countries like the United States, Ireland, Chile, Australia and beyond are very very important. More should be done to inform you, like I am doing. 

9 – We know you don’t agree with Bill’s attitudes regarding Everton FC. As we don’t receive too much information from Brazilian media about EFC, can you tell us how do you see this political side of the club?

NevilleNo, it is still the same, nothing has changed. Only investment will change that, a major investment.

10 – What is your favourite player from the current squad? And which player from the Academy may get into the first squad this season, in your opinion?

NevilleLeon Osman and Tony Hibbert, two local lads who love everything about Everton Football Club, the fans, the place, the history, they understand what is required.

11 – Is there any player (a player who fits in EFC’s financial conditions) you would like to see wearing the royal blue shirt this season?

NevilleI said last season that Scott Sinclair would make a huge difference, and we have missed out again as he has gone to West Brom. The other Scott (Parker) I would love, but it's too late now.

12 – Thiago Cordeiro, from Sorocaba-SP, asked: “how does a club that had so many honours until the 1980s became so unsuccessful in the Premier League?”

NevilleThe ban, as mentioned, was crucial. Losing our best ever chairman Phillip Carter, our manager and some of our best players all had a big impact. From then we had to play catch up with the other clubs and are still doing so. 

13 – Jean Carlos, from Ubá-MG, asked you to define the greatness of Everton.

Neville Passion, steel and skill. To be regarded as a very good Everton player you need all 3 key elements. The fans know the players that show all 3.

14 – If you could leave a message to all the Brazilians who support Everton, what would it be?


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